Recruiter-crafted Recruitment Management System

A simple, feature-rich recruitment software with CRM and ATS functionality build for the needs of recruitment agencies and freelance headhunters!


Crafted For You

Together with recruiters and freelance headhunters we developed a solution that allows you to work smart and efficiently from any place.

Boost productivity

A simple interface and easy usage allow you to focus on your goals.

Affordable price

We offer affordable prices adjusted to your company size.

New perspective

No more Excel spreadsheets and tons of files. We'll keep it organized.

Team work

Work together with your team. Have an overview of what your team is doing.



Naithan Eyre - Owner of recruitment agency ALPHADIGITAL LTD.

"After a decade of working in the IT and recruitment fields, I can honestly say I have had my experiences when it comes to CRM and ATS and there is nothing that beats Recruitlab. Tracking and analytics are a big part of the work we do here at ALPHADIGITAL and having Recruitlab has improved our productivity and organisation. What I’ve noticed in comparison to the market leaders is that Recruitlab is not filled with useless features and has an emphasis on user experience. In my opinion this is the perfect tool for start ups as it provides a cost effective and flexible solution."

Naithan Eyre, Founder and Director of ALPHADIGITAL LTD.

"Recruitlab is by far the best CRM system that I have worked with over the years of working within the recruitment industry. The seamless design and fluid functionalities allows for a very enjoyable experience. The system provides me with the visibility and control that I need in order to ensure my processes and ways of working are as effective and efficient as possible. It has been a pleasure to work with such a tool and will sharpen any company’s toolbox that are looking to simplify their recruitment/HR function."

Samuel Rowland, Head of Search at ALPHADIGITAL LTD.

Samuel - Head of Search at ALPHADIGITAL LTD.


Take a short look at what we have to offer. All of our features are available in every plan.

Everything under control

Our simple dashboard gives you a direct overview of your targets, persons, assessments, and clients that you maintain. Are you working across multiple timezones? We have here as well something for you. Configure and track different timezones from one place.

Search engine - Recruitlab | Recruitment Management System - Recriuitment Software


Do you have hundreds of potential candidates in your portfolio and have to quickly search for the right one?
We know that problem and we found a solution for it. With our Discovery module search across your database of candidates and filter the people that fit the position based on their skills and location.

Database (CRM)

Centralized space and heart of our application. Here you can easily create and manage candidates, assessments, and client profiles. Quickly see who's having an ongoing interview or who is currently looking for a new job.

Database CRM - Recruitlab | Recruitment Management System - Recriuitment Software
Candidate Groups - Recruitlab | Recruitment Management System - Recriuitment Software

Candidate groups

With many candidates in the database, it's easy to get lost. That's why we build the Groups module. Here you can aggregate candidates and assign them to multiple groups.
With a little effort, you can contact experts in specific areas fast.

Interviews (ATS)

We know how important is to be on top of the changes. That's why we develop Applicant Tracking System (ATS) as an integral part of Recruitlab.
Besides basic functionality like tracking applicants, you have a great overview of candidates and assessment with access to files and notes.
Having an overview on who's getting a job was never that easy.

Interviews ATS - Recruitlab | Recruitment Management System - Recriuitment Software
Candidate Groups - Recruitlab | Recruitment Management System - Recriuitment Software


We pay extra attention to help you be organized. As a recruiter, you can't be fully successful without a calendar.
Control your appointments with candidates and clients from the same window.


With our analytics charts, you can easily track the current status of your candidates, assessments, and clients. From that place, you can as well observe the performance of your co-workers.

CRM Analytics - Recruitlab | Recruitment Management System - Recriuitment Software
Performance KPI's/OKR's - Recruitlab | Recruitment Management System - Recriuitment Software

Performance goals

Were you wondering in which month your company is doing best? Who was the best Consultant? Here we have a Performance module that will help you tracking KPI's and personal goals.
Know detailed numbers in a matter of few clicks.

Our Pricing

We want our customers to enable their full power with affordable prices. With every subscription, you get all features available. Happiness guaranteed! Please contact us for more details.

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